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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How do Google AdSense words get on your web site?

How do Google AdSense words get on your web site?
Feb.18, 2009, under Webmaster Tools

By Cody Moya:
How do Google AdSense
words get on your web site?

Many web site owners who are new to the Google AdSense program have
lots of questions, and one of the most frequently asked questions
is how the ads are chosen and how they get on the site. The first
step is to simply sign up with the Google AdSense program. The
signup process is fast and easy and requires little beyond the URL
of the web site and some very basic contact and payment information.
And fortunately for beginning webmasters, the actual process of
displaying those Google ads on the site could not be simpler. Upon
approval of the site for the AdSense program, you will be provided
with a small HTML script. This HTML script can be placed anywhere
on the web site, and the code can also be pasted several times and
on any or all pages of the web site.

After the HTML code is in place, the ads are automatically served,
with Google placing those AdWords that are most relevant to the
content contained on the web site. Google uses a number of
sophisticated and highly automated techniques to determine how
relevant your ad content is to the ads being served. These
processes result in highly concentrated ads, a plus for both the
advertiser and the web site owner.

The Google AdSense program has a number of important benefits and a
number of important advantages over other kinds of ad serving
programs. For one thing, the Google AdSense program is quite easy
to manage and simple to use. After the web site has been approved
for the program very little intervention or technical expertise is
needed to keep those ads, and that revenue, coming in.

In addition, the Google AdSense program is very good at choosing
the best and most highly targeted ads. The ads that are displayed
on the participating sites are only those which are most relevant
to the content on the site, and Google employs a strict quality
control program to make certain that the ads are of the highest
quality and relevance.

Since the ads served by the Google AdSense program are text only,
some people may think of them as low tech and ineffective, but in
fact the opposite is true. In fact these text only ads are highly
effective, more so than costlier and flashier ads. In addition,
there is a great deal of technology behind those simple looking
text ads, and they have been shown to generate more clicks than
many other kinds of ads.

This is important, since more clicks
equals more money for you. In addition, unlike complicated and
graphics intensive banner ads, Google AdSense ads are lightweight
and very fast loading. Therefore, having those ads on your site
will not cause your site to be slow or cause visitors to turn away
from a slow loading page.

There are currently three distinct Google AdSense programs in place
- AdSense for Content, AdSense for Search and Premium AdSense.
AdSense for Content is the largest of the AdSense programs,
consisting of contextually targeted ads which are displayed on the
web site.

The owner of the web site is paid for every click made
by a web site visitor. When the content or subject of the web site
is changed, the ads will automatically be updated as well to
reflect the change in content. This helps to keep the ads targeted
and relevant. This AdSense program provides the web site owner
good control over the content of the ads, and it is easy to have
certain types of ads, or ads from a certain company, blocked from
your web site if you wish.

In addition, the look and feel of the ads for Google AdSense can be
customized and formatted, in order to provide a more consistent
look and feel for web site visitors. It is very important that the
ads served “blend in” with the content and not be jarring to web
site visitors. As any web site designer knows, consistent look and
feel, across the page and across the entire web site, is very

It is vital to give visitors to your web site a
pleasant viewing experience and useful, relevant content.
Providing a stimulating and rewarding web site experience is the
best way to keep those web site visitors on your site long enough
to profit from the ads you and Google have delivered to them.
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